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WTB/T: Geissele HK416 SMR 14.5" DDC, HK416 Handguard Screw (cross/"X" socket)

Looking to buy or trade for a 14.5" Geissele HK416 SMR.

Only looking for DDC, can be used and/or beat up, as long as the DDC anodizing is intact (i.e., no Cerakote, etc. Krylon/spraypaint is fine)

Looking for something around the price of the blems that were sold earlier this year, not looking for full MSRP, so I understand that condition, rail attachments, etc. will be negotiable.

Also looking for an HK416 handguard screw with the cross or "X" socket for removal. I have a hex-style screw that I can trade, or I would be willing to buy outright.

The screw I'm looking for (HKParts is OOS):

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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