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WTB USP compact 9x19 holster

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Kydex OWB right hand side, I would like a matching single mag carrier for left hand side rounds facing forward... I'd like to get something like a RCS or Bravo Concealment.

I'd also like to get a AIWB quality leather holster. Please PM me with the holster you want to sell, description and price. Thanks shooters.
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I'll pay good $$ for any quality leather... Milt Sparks... Occidental etc. Last bump before I order one, just want to see if I can get on really quick.
I have a Milt Sparks Summer Special and a Mitch Rosen USD Express available. PM Sent.
PM sent and thanks for the heads up Chango.
I've mailed the holster this afternoon. You should get it on Monday. Thanks for the smooth transaction.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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