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WTB: Weird USP 45 Threaded Barrel with (MK23 pitch 16mm-1mm RH) or .578-28

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WTB: USP 45 Fullsize threaded barrel, new or used (used preferably) with either the same thread pitch as the mk 23 (16-1MM RH) or std 45 cal thread of .578-28.
My Gemtech came with a .578-28 piston and I bought a 16mm-1 RH for my mk 23 but I would like to use it on my UPS without buying another adapter seeing as they are about $90.

Please note these would only be from aftermarket manufacturers, as the factory USP threaded barrel comes with the 16mm-1mm LH thread pattern.

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going to cost more, just buy the piston. hkparts does sell a .578-28 barrel now;
you can buy a lot of pistons for that!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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