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WTK P7M8 refirb price

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I just ran into someone selling a copule of refurbished P7M8's with cases. I did not check on the number of mags nor whether the tools were there. Since they are refurbished, I would think it was. The asking price was $725. Is that a good price? I haven't priced HK's for more than a year and am not sure what these are selling for.

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Generally speaking, $725. for refurbed P7M8's is a very good price.
Have you seen pics?
Of course it's good to know what comes in the package and what condition the pistols themselves are in.
Can't really add more without knowing more of the situation.
I actually held one of them in my hands and it appeared to be in decent condition for a used pistol. Let's say worst case scenerio and it only has a box (which I also saw), but only 1 mag and no other tools/docs. Maybe I need to get my hands on them again and take some pictures.

The mag's alone are worth close to $80. The Tools scraper, not expensive just hard to find. the brush is also diffcult to locate.

The price of $725 doesn't sound too bad. TJ
The Cult of the P7

I haven't seen any of the mags priced at $80.00 myself. Unless the price of mags has risen in the past couple of weeks, $55.-60.00 is the norm.
The forum that is dedicated to the P7 is 'The Cult of the P7' at Park Cities
For anything you want to know of the P7, that is the place to go.
are you sure they are M8s and not the recently released PSPs???...that is a GREAT price for P7M8s...
It depends on what Grade they received from HK when they were sent out.

For Grade A's, $700-775 (online price) is the norm depending on the quality. My Grade A was immaculate and I spent $775 on it, but I've seen some go for the high $600 range.

Grade B's are in the $600-650 range if you shop around. I've seen several people try to sell Grade B's in the $700+ range (including my local range/store), but that's a bit of a markup. If I had to guess I'd say that the pistols you're looking at are overpriced Grade B's, so see if there's a label from when H&K put the box together and see if it lists the Grade. If the one you are looking at is a Grade B, shop elsewhere.

Grade C's are pretty beat-up externally and will go for anywhere in the $500 range, these are basically the gun you put in your truck and beat the crap out of and don't care about much. Great for shooting but not very pretty.

The mags are $35-40, they aren't that bad. I bought an extra mag when I bought mine and the guy charged me $35.

Get one, they are great guns.
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I appreciate all the input. Jimmy, I can't find a single P7M8 at the prices you're indicating. The best I found was $995. I know I didn't look at every possible site (here, gunbroker, gunsamerica and sturmgewehr for a survey), so where are these located?

I will make sure the guns are M8's and not PSP's (I glanced, but didn't look that closely and didn't think about that) but the price seems great even if it's a grade B given current resale values.
At these prices they are either P7's Euro mag release
or somebody ishaving a good sale..... if they are P7M8's please shoot me a pm/email as I would like antoher one... and if they are local that would be even better (I am north of SLC)
if they are PSP's and you don't want them all to yourself you can also PM me as I sure would take a good look at them also

Euro mag release? How is that different from the typical mag release? Does anyone have pictures of both so I can see the difference? I've read about it but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Where in Utah? I'm in Davis County and guessing you're probably close. May have to take you with me when I go see them again.

The P7M8 has the magazine release near the trigger. $725 is so good for a P7M8, barring rust, a ridiculous number of dents or a milling mark, I would snatch all of these up. You can charge $825 on HKPRO and they will sell quickly.

I know there will be other opinions, but the P7M8 is MUCH more desireable than the P7PSP. I know a guy who is lightning fast with his PSP, but he practices constantly. If I pick up my P7M8 after a year, I amlightning fast without practice. I shoot USP's, P2000's and P7M8's. They all have the same type of magazine release. It is my favorite.

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