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WTS 91/3/4 Series, PSG1 33 barrel

5/31--- HEADING IN FOR SURGERY. WILL BE OUT OF POCKET FOR A SPELL. BEST TO SEND EMAIL. "Username" If you need immediate response the next few weeks will not be focus on firearms

Over the years, always bought more than what was needed for the time I needed them... that time has come and gone... so have way more than needed parts in the vault. More to be listed as I pull out the vidmars and inventory the "wth did I buy all this for", pictures are available if wanted.

Quantities are listed, multiples are too many to count unless you want them all, prices are at the each quantity not for all.

Unless you have some very specific unique parts (ie rainbow unicorn corn free droppings), selling is my intention

Shipping is extra, most will fit in small package/padded envelope.

PM or email to MOAxp at questions

1 HK HK G3/91 New Locking Pieces Multiples $6
2 HK HK Front Sights, New Multiples $2
3 HK HK G3 Charging Handles, OD Multiples $4
4 HK HK Cocking Tube Dust Caps, New Aluminum Multiples $8
5 HK HK Rear Sight Windage Adj Screws Multiples $2
6 HK HK Roller Sear and Spring one $10
7 HK HK 91/93 Magazine release kit (New - all parts needed) Multiples $28
8 HK HK Contact Piece Multiples $8
9 HK HK Magazine Button Multiples $3
10 HK HK Locking Rollers, Standard in Pairs Multiples $3
11 HK HK Fullauto safety sears Multiples $3

14 Sold out
15 HK PSG1 Barrel, 4140 Nitrided 1-7.7 556 Match LAST One $450
16 HK HK Collapsible Stock Release Lever Multiples $30
17 HK HK Collapsible stock torsion spring Multiples $3
18 HK HK Collapsible stock back plate one $40
19 HK HK 93/33 PSG1 Notched Modified, tungsten carrier, Nitrided Last One $180

More to come...
21 HK SL8 Single Stack Mag Well one $15
22 HK G36 SL8 Recoil rod, new two $35
23 HK G36 SL8 extractors, new three $40
24 HK G36 SL8 firing pins four $15

Suppressor Pistons (Stock from SWR in SC prior to move to Utah)
5 SWR Trident9 LID Piston 1/2-28 ONE $80
6 SWR Trident9 LID Piston 13.5mm LH ONE $80
7 SWR Trident9 Fixed Mount 1/2-28 Multiples $85
8 SWR Trident9 Fixed Mount 1/2-36 Multiples $85
9 SWR Omega Fixed mount 1/2-28 three $80

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Hello I would like the following:

1 HK HK G3/91 New Locking Pieces Multiples $6 (I would like 4 please = $24 plus shipping )
10 HK HK Locking Rollers, Standard in Pairs Multiples $3 (I would like 6 pairs please = $18 plus shipping)

PM sent to exchange payment and shipping details

Thanks in advance,

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I'll take one of these: PM sent

20 HK HK 91/PSG1 Notched Modified Carriers four $180

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2 PSG1 (HK91 german) carriers remain and are both nitrided
1 "PSG1" HK93 carrier remains (nitrided as well)
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