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Hey there I have an HK SR9 available. It comes with a WST(Williams Set Trigger), MSG 90 stock, a PSG1 grip, a hendstauhlt scope mount, and a trijicon 3-9-40. Very nice scope. I also comes with a HK bipod.

I have an estimate of 60 rounds through it.
Its mainly been a safe queen. Gorgeous gun

here are some pictures
sr9 boom.jpg sr9 boom 2.jpg sr9 boom 3.jpg sr9 boom 6.jpg sr9 boom 7.jpg sr9 boom 8.jpg boom sr9.jpg

I am looking to get 4,000 OBO!!!!

Contact me a 202 297 9571 or [email protected] for more info
1 - 3 of 3 Posts