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Good Afternoon Folks,

I'm new to the HK Pro forum and have always found it to be a great resource for information on all things HK, so I thought it would be nice to offer these up here, rather than sending them to GB. I have a B&T APC9-G and GHM9-G Compact available for sale. Both guns are brand new in the box. I also have a brand new full size B&T 3-Lug suppressor for the APC & MP5 available for sale in my inventory on Form 3. If the same person wants both guns, knock fifty bucks off the total.

Payment by Cashiers Check, USPS Money Order, Zelle or Discreet Venmo.

B&T APC9-G Pistol - $2350 Shipped
B&T GHM9-G Compact Pistol - $1585 Shipped
B&T APC / MP5 3-Lug Sound Suppressor - $895 Shipped

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