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Got them in a trade and figured I don't need to keep them so here they are to free up some funds.

1) BE date code HK45 tactical with tan frame and two 10rd mags, night sights are somewhat dim to me, but still lights up.
No manual, comes in factory hard case with spare O-rings, factory test fired casings.
Unknown round count, does not look like anything terrible based on wear on barrel and interior of slide.



2) Omega Gideon Shadow in .45, comes with two US made 25rd mags and a soft case, looks like new with no obvious wear. Interestingly this comes
with a HK 9mm marked lower housing. 3 lug adapter was able to work with my Dead Air 3 lug mount but I did not shoot it with can attached.
$1600 SOLD


IMG_7747.jpg IMG_7746.jpg IMG_7743.jpg IMG_7749.jpg IMG_7750.jpg IMG_7751.jpg
All prices include shipping to where legal within CONUS, they are pre owned and sold AS-IS.
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