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WTS: German and US made HK parts

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The following German and US made HK parts are for sale. Please post in the thread that "you will take an item" and then PM me. PMing me first does not secure the item for you until you post in the thread that you will take it.

I accept personal checks, postal money orders, Paypal +4% or Paypal gift with no mention of anything firearm related. Personal checks and money orders will have to clear before items ship.

1) Choate Machine MP5/MP5K/SP5K/SP89 side folding stock $75 shipped OBO

Used but in excellent condition. Threaded to mount either the K end caps or full size MP5 end caps (No end cap or hardware included) End caps can be purchased through RTG parts or found on Gunbroker in the $30 range.

2) Moved

3) G3 weldment kit Sold to 21HK

4) G3 end cap recoil assembly Sold to seasmoke

5) G36E gas block, piston and pushrod assembly Sold to polskadude

6) Demilled German rear pushpin tube lot $10 Shipped

7) Moved

8) HK33 demilled rear section with good rear sight base and pushpin tube $20 shipped OBO

9) US made paddle mag bushing kits Sold to warbirds

10) Sold on another site

11) New German HK21 50rd ammo belt with starter tab $20 shipped OBO

12) (2) Damaged HK triggers Sold to seasmoke

13) Cracked HK33 bolt Sold to warbirds

Thanks for looking!
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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