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HK 3-Lug Adapter that is threaded internally with 1/2 X 28 threads to attach to existing 1/2 X 28 threaded applications. Allows the use of 3-lug attachments to be added to the male end of the adapter such as flash hiders, compensators, suppressors, silencers, flash hiders, etc.

This is the finest machined HK 3 lug adapter available on the market today. Made 100% in the USA and built to factory HK German 3-lug specifications. Finished in the ultra desirable "nitride melonite" finish.

*Length: 1.41"

1/2 X 28 Threaded adapter for 3-lug attachement

Price: $49.95

Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494


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