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WTS/HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine

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HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine

Designed to provide optimal ammunition feeding for any M16/M4/AR15-type weapon, the HK 30-Round Polymer Magazine can be used in any firearm that uses a NATO-standard 5.56 mm magazine. The HK 30 Round Polymer Magazine is drop, crush, and impact resistant and features an anti-tilt follower as well as HK proprietary geometry and design features for exceptional performance.

Same high strength, lightweight polymer used on combat proven HK's G36 and HK417 magazines
Corrosion resistant
Low profile base plate
Fits existing magazine pouches and magazine carriers
Anti-tilt follower
Translucent body serves as an immediate loading indication
Advanced spring
Reinforcing ribs for added strength
High quality polymer materials
Non-reflexive body and low IR signature
Low maintenance, disassembles without tools
High and low temperature environmentally tested

Questions... email [email protected]
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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