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First up is my old SWAT rig. I took the holster portion off the bulky Safariland rig and and installed it on a Molle adapter(SORD) and put it on a SORD drop leg panel. The panel has much more adjustment for sitting higher or lower on your leg as you desire. The fastex buckles are also far more robust than the Safariland buckles that are fairly brittle. Finally, this setup rides much closer to the leg than the bulky polymer thigh harness.

NOTE: the tan holster has been painted to better blend with the green panel and camo uni's. The holster is in great shape, but the loss of some of the paint gives the holster a much more worn appearance.

Asking: $150 shipped

Next up is my old duty holster rig. Nothing fancy; it's the "tactical" finish, high-ride holster.

Asking: SOLD

NOTE: Both holsters have only the SLS hood for retention; no other buttons or levers. Both holsters accomodate V9/SAO or cocked/locked carry. Both holsters are spec'd to Surefire X series lights and will fit X200, X300, and X300U lights for sure. I can not vouche for other makes or models of light compatibility.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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