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WTS: HK 93 Parts - Barrel, cocking tube stuff, Trunnion, carriers, etc

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Title says it all! Crappy pic below, better ones upon request and provision of email address.

Happy to trade for mp5, sd or 53 stuff. Specifically looking for 53 mags...

Barrel with tree, cocking tube etc. $195?

Carriers - semi. IB and IE date code. $159?

93 Trunnion - ?? Make an offer??

All this stuff was de-milled by Mike at TSC, not some half drunk saw happy bubba.

I'll throw in the mag catch and little pieces shown in the photo to whoever buys something first and wants them.

There's also a german 40/10 trunnion in the photo that was de-milled by a half drunk bubba. It's mostly a paperweight but if someone is interested let me know.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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