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WTS: HK Expert/Elite Aluminum Case, SP5k Housing, HK45 Mags, other stuff

Please post "I will take it" followed by a PM for payment info. Payment by Paypal Goods and Services only, I absorb fees.

Cross-posted. Time stamp of "I'll take it" wins

Oh, and no mags to ban states, yada yada yada.....

HK Aluminum Case for USP Expert/Elite, $175 shipped CONUS
(Case only, no Pistol, mag, or merkle)
Case has only been out of safe for pics, like new.

SP5k Housing, new take off, $47 shipped CONUS

Somebody must have dorked one up by now, or wants to stipple one?

USPc/P2k .40 mag with x-grip, hold 15 rounds of 9mm (full size range fun), $35 shipped CONUS

Looks like this on a P30sk

HK45 Mags, NIW (# 227710S ) [email protected] $100 Shipped CONUS

MP5 Rear Sight Assembly, $45 Shipped CONUS

I had RCM make a few of these because I wanted to be able to use the muzzle device of my choice on a 53 build. Mostly, I wanted to be able to use a suppressor mount.

RCM re-cut their 53 barrel with 1/2 x 28 threads. Overall length is ~7.9375". Thread depth is ~.58" and shoulder is >.6".

Only 1 available.

$130 Shipped CONUS, each.

FAB Defense stock for HK backplates, with cheek riser.
$75 shipped CONUS

***********SOLD Items*********

HK33 Buffered Bolt Carrier Group, SOLD

German HK45 Mags, USED, [email protected] $90 Shipped CONUS

Group1- SOLD

Group2 - SOLD

Used USP 9/.40 Jetfunnel kit, $OLD

G3 Wood Forearm, #3 $65 Shipped CONUS


HK 33/53/93 40 rnd mags, 4 @ SPF.
Dusty, 3 in very good+, one good.

US (pretty sure) made MP5 Handguard, reportedly new take-off from D54, SOLD

G3 wood set, SOLD

HK 33/53/93 25 Round 5.56 mags traded- icuRN
See pics, there is some staining/'rust' happening

USPc/P2k 13 round 9mm mags with x-grip and flat baseplate, $50 each plus shipping.
Buy all four for SPF
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