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What's up homes and homettes, I have a G36 Stock Stub with Stock and a G36C Optics Rail with Sights for sale. The stub has way more than enough material for your SL8 conversion and I am not gonna yank your wallet out of your hands for it.

Stub with Axle Pin + Stock (Rest of the kit NOT included) $450 shipped
G36C Optics Rail $60 shipped

Want both together (I know you do ;) )? $475 shipped. That's the G36C Rail for $25! Am I the second coming of Billy Mays or what?

SPF to Sextus!

Pictures below, you stay beautiful HKPro!

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Airsoft gun

Gun Trigger Revolver Gun accessory Airsoft gun

Wood Ruler

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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