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Hi guys. Chris from Rochester NY here.
I'm selling this safe queen due to non use. Since I became involved in 3 gun, I haven't shot this rifle in over 2 years.

As you can see in pictures it has very little use.

The stock barrel may have 100 rounds and the shorter barrel may have 200 if that. I believe the stock barrels were manufactured by Daniel Defense for HK. (I may be incorrect. If I am please feel free to correct me) The few rounds I fired out of it were tack drivers. Very incredible for a stock barrel. The aftermarket barrel was purchased from one of the members on this Forum. It is a 14.5" barrel with an AAC brake pinned on to it. The 416 gas block is now part of the painted barrel. It is a 1:7 twist and shot pretty well for the $ 275.00 price I paid for it. To be clear, you will receive both barrels with this rifle.

I put a Tac-Con 3M trigger on this gun. It's a nice 4 pound trigger with an interesting twist. It literally has a third position. There is "safe" and "fire" in the usual spots. Then there is a third switchable position which allows for a shorter trigger reset. Please consult Tac Con's web page for more details. They have video of the guy cycling the rifle much like a machine gun. To be honest, not sure I really understand how it works but cool factor was somewhat high. It also features Tac Cons ambidextrous thumb safty.

I like the Geissel 14.5 Sand colored hand rail. The quality that Geissele offers is second to none. I put Troy folding HK Tritium front and rear flip up iron sites and Magpul grip on as well.

EoTech EXPS 3-4 and 3x Magnifier sit atop the upper. I love this combo. Super fast target acquisition for cq with fip up magnification for out to 500yards.

The Magpul CTR stock is super light weight but strong enough to smash open a door if needed. Love the adjustability of this stock. It has a Magpul enhanced rubber but pad. I put a LaRue Tactical RISR kit on stock. Very cool, spring loaded cheek riser unit. It allows shooter to get an amazing cheek weld even with HK's taller upper mounting rail. The spring loaded part allows the cheek weld part to slide back when you engage the Rainer Arms Charging Handle. Even with the stock fully collapsed, the cheek riser does not interfere with charging handle. Very, very cool.

It has a Magpul Bad Lever. This allows the operator to close the bolt with the trigger finger. Great for clearing a malfunction or after dry magazine change.
I also put a Magpul FDE trigger guard on rifle.

The final items coming to mind are Extended Take Down Pins and KNS non rotating trigger pin locks.
You will also receive stock gas block, duplicate HK buffer and spring, HK charging handle, stock quad rail, stock flash suppressor, and barrel.
Transfers will be done through your FFL at your expense.

I am asking $6K. Thank you for taking the time to look all this over. I really appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with some of you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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