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A few parts for sale. Please post an "I'll take it" and PM follow up. Cross posted - time stamp rules.
Discreet PayPal gift or + 3% for goods purchased, USPS money order or cash. Personal checks from established members are good to go.

Additional photos here. If it's not listed below the item has already sold.
HK Parts For Sale 3 7 2017 by 21HK | Photobucket

All prices are shipped to the lower US.
Price drop on remaining items. Only the green hand guard remains....dropped to $15 to clear this listing.

HK G3 butt pads, OD green. One new in NOS condition and one used in very good condition. The used one has had repair done to the clips. One clip is still slightly loose, one has been re-attached with a screw.
$17 for both (SPF)

HK G3 green slimline hand guard. No date code or markings that I can see.
Used, good condition, shows slight wear

HK G3 black slimline hand guard.
Used, good condition, dated 1/67
$25 (SPF)

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I'll take

Original HK 94 semi steel lower housing marked 0-1, black grip.
Used with minor cosmetic wear, comes with selector. Sticker on grip is dated 4/89. Paint is black, not blue/grey.

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HK G3 SEF polymer lower housings, no selector, not clipped, NOS condition. No choice, all are in the same condition.
2 left, one is sold.

[email protected] $22ea.
I will take both of these that are still available. $44 shipped. PM inbound.
Thanks, Tom
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