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For sale is my HK pistol parts case. It's filled with new and used parts; primarily new springs and parts for the P30/P2000 series pistols. The new roll pins, P30 LEM hammer, hammer strut, multiple heavy trigger return springs, trigger spring pliers, flat springs, and DA/SA parts from a couple of LEM conversions on their own are worth the asking price.

I'll ship everything CONUS, in the case, for $180. Please PM me with any questions. If you work on your own P30s/P2000s, I believe you will be pleased.

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It might help if you list the part description and number. Can't really tell what is what in that pile.

Are there a P30 LEM Cocking Piece & a Cocking Piece Spring in that pile?

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Agreed, and yes I have those parts. Full listing below, and there might be a couple of stragglers that I missed. Package only.

Used parts:
Three USP compact baseplates - two with ledge and one flush
Two USP/P2000 magazine releases - one is the extended model
One P30 factory front sight, standard lum and not tritium
Two P30 firing pin block springs that were installed standard with LEM V2
One P30 LEM kit including the cocking piece, hammer, elbow spring and sear
HK45c DA/SA kit returned from HK following LEM installation
USP 9 full size DA/SA kit returned from HK following LEM installation
USPc DA/SA kit returned from HK following LEM installation

New parts:
P2000 large backstrap without lockout
25+ factory roll pins
Two P30 long factory backstrap pins from HKPARTS
Two magazine release springs
One P30/P2000 bobbed LEM hammer
One P30 hammer strut
Recoil spring and retaining washer for P2000/P30/USP (not the full assembly)
One trigger bar detent spring (not for LEM 4.1)
Two extractor springs with one rubber insert for P30/P2000
Five P30 V2 trigger return springs
One trigger return spring installation tool (pliers from HKPARTS)
Three P30 elbow springs for LEM
Two hammer springs for USP/P30/P2000 (blue)
One HK45c heavy hammer spring from LEM kit
One USPc heavy hammer spring from LEM kit
Two P30/P2000 compression springs (not sure which weight, part number 209296)
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