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This is a high wear common repair & replacement item. The gas rings are prone to periodic breakage & wear, tear and require them to be replaced periodically. These are the one of the most common breakage parts we see that needs to be replaced on these weapons systems. A great spare to have on hand for all HK G36/SL8 & 416/MR556 weapon systems. Made in the USA from the same material, heat treat, specs and prints.

Each set includes 3 individual rings (enough to replace all the rings on a gas piston). When replacing the gas piston rings they should be replaced together as a new assembly. Per HK directly you should not reuse old rings once they have been removed from the gas piston assembly.

Fits all:

  • HK MR556, HK416, HK 416A5
  • G36E, G36K, G36C All Variants
  • Sl8-1, SL8-6 All SL8 models
  • Omega G36 Style Offerings
  • All HK 416 & G36 variants that use a gas piston with rings

Price is $8.95

Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494


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