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*** SPF ***

Hey guys,

Selling my backup PSP. It was an A-Grade PSP I sent off to Mahovsky's to get hard chromed, brushed flats when I first got it. I've had the pistol about 2 years. Only shot a few times (during annual re-quals) but it's been carried.

Disclosures .. It was knocked off my chair at our range once and got sacrificial scuffs on the passenger side NIL grip (at bottom) and top of slide ... (minor no gouges just scuffs) ... also has some light wearing on back strap from carrying. Pictures show everything just want to explain the imperfections, it is a HK ;o). I also need to clean it's been in my duty bag so it's a little dusty too.

I installed night sights and the NIL grips as well. It comes with (2) Hard chromed mags, 3 holsters. A black Milt Sparks VMII, A red Don Hume (not in pic but model H715) and a black Kimber Solo I found fits it like a glove. All IWBs.

Original box, black factory grips, manual and brush. Great gun, always have had one it's just too nice and I don't shoot it enough.

Asking $1350

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Happy to answer any questions.


Michael Dresner
Oak Ridge TN

[email protected]
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