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(This is from my personal collection, hence why USPS money order only. Just divesting a few things that never get used so they can go to a good home. Sven at Manticore)

Up for sale is a H&K SL-8 with an XM8 conversion kit. I bought these two a while ago but never got around to completing the conversion. $2990 shipped, insurance and case included.

Rifle comes with the XM8 conversion kit (show installed) and all the original SL-8 components, plus two ten round and one 20 round magazine, and a sling with HK hooks on each end.

I never have actually shot the gun, but it appears to be in good working order and lightly fired if at all.

I accept USPS Money orders, payment due within 7 days of committing to purchase. I will ship USPS Priority insured in a case to your dealer, FFL required for shipment.

Please email me any questions to svenj at manticorearms dot com

Sven at Manticore

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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