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I have nice USP 9mm for sale. I am not the original owner. A previous owner painted it FDE and then stripped the paint. Frame looks good on paint or rubs. The slide and barrel hood look like someone was a bit heavy handed stripping the paint. Light wear marks on the hight spots. I tried to get pics of those spots.

It has night sites. They still glow and can be seen but are not new.

$420 plus shipping. USPS or Discreet pp. NO GUN TERMS!!

I ship from my FFL to yours. Shipping should run no more than $40 unless you are Alaska or Hawaii.

I can do FTF in mid Michigan.

I could meet at the Birch Run gunshow this weekend if you are going. I will only meet with someone who has good feedback here or a long posting history. I don't want to drive there and get a no show.

Sorry about hte picture size. I could not get the photo editor to work.

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