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After almost a year of scouring the internet, and after completely definitely having multiple bouts of second thoughts, I am selling my unfired CAG clone upper because my house is in need of major repairs I've maybe been inadvertently delaying mostly due to building this upper. Classic HK fiend

Parts list:

  • tanodized, BD marked upper receiver, with HK RAL8000 door, HK FA/spring/pin, top rail markings
  • BD date-coded BCG, used; past owner said several hundred rounds. Firing pin and firing pin spring are new.
  • Tan Geissele 416 SMR, OG
  • Nefarious Arms 10.4" barrel, with HK engravings
  • 10" Gas block, with sling loops cut off
  • Surefire 556-212a flash hider, barely used. Includes packaging, shims, rocksett. Hand installed for pictures/shipping, will needing timing/rocksetting
  • HK piston system
  • Wilcox tanodized .410" riser mount, set screw. Used, great coloration, in great shape. Includes tano shoe and matching front riser.
  • EOTech XPS2, Old Logo, FDE Nov 2015. No delamination. Has case and paperwork
  • KAG micro sights front and rear, used, in great shape
  • Geissele Airborne Charging Handle, tano

Not putting this on GB for a little bit, but I do need the funds fairly quickly. Asking $10k OBO shipped/insured. PayPal Friends/Family, USPS MO, Certified bank check (will ship after funds clear). Not parting, no trades. Save time and get all the hotness in one shot!

This has been very difficult to write. Whoever gets this, treat her well!










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