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WTS: HK416/MR556A1 Quad Rail ***SOLD***

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[HR][/HR]All prices CONUS shipped, and "Best Offer." Trade offers accepted. Some potential trades listed, but not all inclusive.

1. HK416/MR556A1 Quad Rail, was previously painted, then refinished black by the previous owner, refinished color matches the HK factory upper very well (see photograph). "T" marks still visible, but no longer white. Discolorations are from oil from shipping, not finish discolorations. -- SOLD ($130)

2. HK416 30 round polymer magazines -- SOLD ($45)

Potential, but not all inclusive trade list, can add cash as needed:

- KAC M4 Flip Up front BUIS (P/N 99051), color not important, but black preferred
- HK416 "cross"/"+" head handguard screw
- Surefire FH556-212A, good condition
- Geissele HK416 SMR, 14.5" DDC
- Safariland 6354DO Right Hand, Multicam for G17/22/34/35 with X300
- Surefire X300 or X300U-A
- Surefire M600 Scout, tan preferred, but all considered
- Danger Close/Low-Pro Surefire Scout Offset Mount
- KAC 200-600M Micro Rear BUIS
- CORE Survival HEL-STAR 6 Strobe, IR capable



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Price dropped to $130 Shipped, OBO.

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