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Looking to sell a the following MR762 items:

One new Factory German MR762 Brass Catcher - $450 - SOLD TO @Tracker33

One new Factory MR762 Quad Rail, chemically etched (looks clear) never mounted - $275 shipped

One MR762 E1 Stock RAL cerakoted - $275 shipped

Two new Factory take off MR762 Black Ejection Port Covers - $55shipped each

Two used MR762/417 castle nuts, - $45 shipped each

Two used Factory MR762/417 Buffer Tubes, chemically stripped (95% of the black anodizing removed) - $60 shipped each

One used Factory MR762 Black Magazine Base Plate - $35 shipped

Payment via PayPal FF, Zelle, USPS Mo or Certified Bank Check. As noted, shipping Is included.

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Circuit component Rectangle Wood Font Beige
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Everyday carry Rectangle Gadget Tints and shades Auto part
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Cylinder Automotive exhaust Nickel Muffler Auto part
Rectangle Communication Device Bumper Gas Tints and shades
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