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Hey all, wanted to build this but have something else I need to finish. First off there are two pieces that are not pictured and those are the receiver and magazine release assembly, but you will get those as well.

What you get:

- HK53 Front Sight Post
- HK53 Cocking Tube with Cover/Cap
- HK53 Magazine Release Assembly
- Surefire HK53 Quad Rail
- Latest Generation SW93 Receiver
- SEF Trigger Housing
- HK53 Recoil Rod
- 8x 40rnd HK53/93/33 magazine bodies
- 8x HK53/93/33 magazine followers
- 4x HK53/93/33 magazine floorplates
- RCM 1/2x28 threaded HK53 barrel
- HK53 Trunnion and Barrel Pin

All you need are the springs and floorplates for the magazines to complete them, and the BCG, buttplate, and trigger for the HK53 to complete that.

$600 total for everyrhing shipped. SPF to stalski

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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