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Cleaning the closet out gents, post "I'LL TAKE ITEM _______" to purchase, USPS MO or discrete PP F&F

-New, never used 100 round Beta C drum mag for HK G3 & clones. Includes loader, graphite lube, manual, case etc. Only removed from case to admire, never loaded/used. Clear backplate (currently removed as mag is in "KIT"... form here in Ca.) SOLD SOLD SOLD

-Minty G3 mag coupler, **SOLD PENDING FUNDS HK marked. Locks mags up tight. $87 SHIPPED **SOLD PENDING FUNDS

-Ergo PSG-1 style handgrip with adjustable palm swell. Minty shape. NOW JUST $77 **SOLD GONE ADIOS

-German G3 stock assembly, complete with standard buffer. $87 SHIPPED

-$PF Spare recoil rod assembly/backplate and NIB standard buffer/screws/washer. Backplate was a spare that came with another gun, was going to put together a stock with it, never did $35 SHIPPED **SPF TO tracerconnect

- CETME 5 round mag, has FAL floorplate for some reason - works just fine $15 shipped

***items going to gunbroker, if bids received, this ad will become void
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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