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WTS: IGF improved PTR91 - excellent condition, plus a ton of magazines

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For Sale: Time to part with my dream rifle. She has been a safe queen for the past couple of years. This is a PTR91 that I shipped down to Investment Grade Firearms in Arkansas for their H&K upgrades. It has: paddle mag release, optic rail (welded and aligned), a Smith Enterprises Vortex flash hider, Choate folding stock ($150 retail), original green PTR furniture, stock muzzle device, and IGF's HK black finish. It also has a tri-rail handguard installed form ($115 retail)... The workmanship from Jayson down at IGF is really first rate - this is a beautifully finished rifle. If you are an avid H&K fan, this is a great introduction to the platform. These rifles are meant to be used, hard.

I will include the Blue Force Gear sling and 40 magazines. The mags are a mix of new and used, but they are almost all in excellent condition. You will have enough magazines. The G3 mags are very easy to disassemble for maintenance and cleaning.

This is a fantastic battle rifle. I had a Browe combat optic mounted on the rifle for a while, and it was just awesome. If you're looking to get into the .308 platform, this rifle can do it all. It is a joy to shoot, something I have not done enough of with it! This would make the ultimate hog hunting setup for you year round hog hunters! This rifle has about 200 rounds down the pipe, virtually like new. The quality of the work from IGF is fantastic. All told, I probably have about $2300 in this rifle, no joke.

Sale Price: $1300 - Buyer pays shipping (if required) and FFL transfer fee. I stand by my description and offer a 7-day return policy - buyer pays shipping back to me for a full refund if not satisfied.


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