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Pains me to sell this as I just acquired it about a month ago from a member, however, I just found and purchased a KAC MK23 45 can and need to re-coup some funds per wifey agreement. Not looking to make any money, only to re-coup what I have in it. Accepting PP-Gift, PP-Goods with +3% (no mention of guns please), or Postal MO. SOLD

Original ad:

For sale is one Knights Armament Company (KAC) "H&K Medium RAS" (P/N 98067). This was purchased directly from HK years ago and has never been used or installed on a gun. It is "new old stock." It comes exactly as shipped from HK with three rail covers and instructions. This is perfect for a G3k, HK33k, HK93, HK33, etc. If you are a serious buyer and want an additional picture of some part of it, please PM me. Price is $900 shipped and I am not interested in trades. Payment is by PayPal Gift or Paypal +3%. Alternative payment method is USPS Money Order.

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