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WTS:Light Trigger Return Spring - HK Pistols: $9.49
Light trigger spring, HK light trigger return spring - HKPARTS.NET

HK Light Trigger Return (rebound) Spring.

Also known as the light trigger LEM spring for the LEM conversions or LEM pistols. This is the spring that is needed to get a light trigger pull in the models below. This spring has a better reset and tensile strength than a standard TRP. This is probably one of the best upgrades for the money you can do to your HK Pistol.

Fits & works in the following HK pistols:

•HK USP & USP Compact models
•HK Tactical, Elite & Expert
•HK P2000
•HK 45C
•P30 (not factory correct but will work for custom trigger jobs)

Quantity Discount
3 or more Units.

6 or more Units.

HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET
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