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Several months ago I purchased a VP9 and a P30LS at the same time. After several months my wife and I have decided to focus on DA/SA or LEM trigger guns, so we are putting up for sale our striker-fired VP9 (and her striker Glock 43 (to be posted elsewhere, per the forum rule)).

This is a standard 3-dot luminescent sight VP9 with two 15-rd magazines. As the original owner I have a pretty good idea of the round count -- my log shows 251 rounds. I believe my wife has ~40-50 unlogged rounds through it, so let's be conservative and call it 300-350 rounds. The pics below should back this up. BG (2016) date code.

As the pics show, all the original bits are included, sticker and all. The two magazines are two of the six VP9/P30 15 round mags we own. Because they are all the same, I can't tell whether these came with the VP9, the P30LS, or are the two HK factory mags I purchased a couple months later. These are the best of the lot.

Happy to respond to PM's questions or take additional pics.

Prepper Gun Shop currently is currently selling this gun new at $570 ($540+$30 shipping); I'm selling this very much LNIB example for $520.00, which includes shipping to your FFL.

If you are a Virginia resident and are willing to meet me in Northern Virginia at my local gun store to run a quick background check, $495.

USPS money order, PayPal (add their fees) or the old-fashioned analog way (cash :) Not interested in trades.

It should go without saying, but in today's world you have to say it: Shipping via FFL only to states where legal, and no shipment of the 15 rd magazines to a limit (e.g., 10 rd) state. Know your laws.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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