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AOR1 holster no longer available. Please consider a MAS Grey version at link below.

One holster as shown. In beautiful condition.

LBT-0372N RH

H&K 45 Cal Holster w/Suppressor Pouch (RH)

London Bridge Trading CO., LTD VA Beach, VA Beach

This is the non laser holster no longer available through LBT.

Payment PayPal Only

$505.00 + $22.50 Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box Insured @ $505.00 = $527.50 Total (No PayPal account required, just pay through their site) + Plus PP Fees, etc., if any

Price for USA shipping

I apologize for the price but need some recovery on this.

If you would like the laser version of this MK24 HK45CT holster in MAS Grey, please participate in the link below.
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