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I’m selling my brand new Milt Sparks 55BN horsehide holster with shark skin trim. I ordered it for my 9mm P30; it’s for right handers, made for a 1 ½” belt, and has the FBI cant. I have tried it on and holstered my pistol but never wore it anywhere. It is a beautiful holster but it’s not the one for me. I’m selling it for exactly what I paid for it, $135 + $8 shipping with tracking number. I will ship through USPS and I will ONLY accept a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE Money orders as payment. This way I can cash the money order and ship the holster at the same time. If you’re interested shoot me PM.

I have this holster listed other sites as well. If I get a bid there first I will mark this listing as sold or try to delete it. If I have a taker on this site and I acknowledge you as a buyer I will remove my GB listing.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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