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SHIPPING is not included in the price - it will need to be computed and added to the total.

THREE - EXEC condition HK 2 point leather slings - $10 each 1 SPF

ONE - Like new condition HK marked bayonet and scabbard - $40 SPF

FOUR - VG condition HK91 full auto trigger packs complete - $20 each SPF

ONE - EXEC HK carry handle (complete) - $30 - SPF

TWO - VG condition HK93 semi auto SEF metal trigger housing (for use on semi shelf) - $35 each BOTH SPF

TWO - VG condition selector switches (short for metal trigger housing) $7 each SPF

ONE - VG condition PTR (us made) HK21 type extended cocking handle - $25

ADDITIONAL HK stuff added

ONE - VG condition semi auto trigger pack (without ejector lever) - $40 SPF

ONE - UNIQUE - Modified MAGLULA bench loader (will lock in and load FACTORY HK93 mags and Pro Mag HK93 mags). Loader will push in 30rds into a mag on one stroke of the handle. If you have a fourty 40 rd mag - load 30 and then load 10. CHECK OUT PHOTOS. You CANNOT BUY this commercially. I modified a AR15 MAGLULA loader to work with HK93 mags. Price reduced to $135 shipped

This loader will lock in and load ANY mag that will fit a HK93 mag well - EXCEPT - a BETA C tower on a 100rd drum. The Beta C tower is too short. Three photos added - first of sequence showing about 14 rounds - second photo showing about half loaded and third photo showing all but two loaded into a 25rd FACTORY HK 93 steel mag

The loader is operated by locking in an HK mag. Then individually inserting up to 30 5.56X45 rounds into the loader's slide. You then place your left hand down over the left end to keep it from moving (where the mag is locked into the latch - you could avoid this step by bolting the loader down to a bench - hence the name bench loader). You then move the handle of the loader from right to left (Maglula is Israeli afterall) to push the rounds into the mag. If you are loading a 40rd mag - repeat the process with 10 rounds. Unlatch the mag by lifting up the little arm with the mag latch.

Here is my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE upload - a Spielburg I'm not


Loader is SPF

ONE - NEW condition (unused) HK33 Beta-C tower (includes links, bracket and screws) for 100rd drum - $40 plus shipping. These WILL WORK on the Korean drums mags. I will sell this with a new in box Korean AR15 100rd drum mag for $140 shipped (for both the HK33 tower and the AR15 Korean mag). Replace the AR tower with the HK33 tower and you have a 100rd HK drum mag. See photos SPF

ONE NEW condition long slotted flash hider for use on HK93 rifles. It will also work on an HK91 rilfe. The flash hider has 5/8 x 24 threads. The adapter is threaded for the standard HK barrel threads. The flash hider then screws onto the adapter - the net effect is a long slotted flash hider on an HK93 - $25 (for flash hider and adapter) See photo

ONE NEW IN packaging HK 3 point tactical sling - $35 - see photo

First I'll take it followed by PM/EMAIL gets them


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I've posted two photos. One photo shows a PRO MAG 30rd mag locked in. The second photo shows a FACTORY HK 40rd ALLOY mag locked in. Steel FACTORY and those aftermarket steel 40 rd mags will lock in. ANY mag that will fit a HK93 will lock in --- EXCEPT a 100 rd BETA C drum mag - for some reason the Beta C feed tower is TOO short

I added photos to show a 25rd steel HK mag locked in an being loaded

I also made and uploaded (provided link) to a FACTORY HK 25rd steel mag being loaded with 25 rounds - on the modified Maglula loader
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