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Just returned from a year long deployment in Afghanistan and have decided to downsize the safe.

-non-DOJ HK94 converted to MP5N by Jayson at IGF. All HK parts.
-IG date code
-Includes: installed HK MP5N barrel from demilled parts kit, HK semi-auto 3 position Navy trigger group clipped and pinned, Trijicon tritium front site installed, HK paddle magazine release, original 16in HK94 barrel, original SPF trigger group, 2x Duracoated 30 round HK magazines; HK A2 fixed stock
-Trigger group semi conversion work done by Phil Flack.
-weapon had a very low round count when I purchased it as an HK94. I have put less than 300 rounds through it.
-Currently on an ATF Form 1 in Ohio. It is engraved with my name, city and state.
-Price: $7500 shipped


-Price: SOLD

-Price: SOLD

I have tried to provide as accurate descriptions as possible. All of these weapons have been safe queens for quite awhile. Please PM if you have any questions. I am working with just an iPhone so please also PM me if you would like additional photos of a particular area/part of the weapon.

1. I will pay the first $200 transfer fee if not a buyer located in Ohio.
2. I am not looking for trades or part out any package.
3. No international sales. No exception.
4. My FFL/Class 3 to your FFL/Class 3 sale only.
5. Cashier’s check or USPS Money Order only.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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