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WTS: MR556/hk416, G3/k parts

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Would keep, but skydiving has taken priority in my hobbies for the moment.
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prefer contact via PM on site.

Older "refinished" HK33/G3K wide handguard = $25 shipped

B&T HK33/G3K forward full rail model. Older and no longer made. Difficult to find = $250 shipped

US made aluminum handguard for attaching rails (doesn't come with any rails, then can be found on New, unused = $80 shipped

One of the Turner after market SS 416 barrels sold here. 10.5, re-profiled. Was slightly used when I got it, I never used it after. It also came without the barrel index pin but this ieasily replaced with a piece of drill rod = $150 shipped

416 folding front sight, new unused = $150 shipped

couple of trigger housings, used. = *SOLD*$20 for both shipped
HK MP5 10 round magazine = *SOLD*$30 shipped
M27 handguard =*SOLD* $240 shipped

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i'll take the 10rd mp5 mag and trigger housings

pm sent
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