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I decided to clean out my closet to fund a new build and I have the following items up for sale:

All items are new unless specified otherwise. USPS Priority Shipping with Tracking is included in the price. Payment through Zelle or PayPal (obviously, use discretion on the description in PP-put your HK Pro username in the notes, I guess. If PPG&S is desired add 3.25%)

PLEASE PM ME; DO NOT COMMENT HERE UNLESS IT IS A QUESTION. I will use the time/date stamp on the PM to determine who gets it first.

  • MR556 SBR Upper-WITHOUT BCG: $1650
  • Geissele Black 14.5 SMR with 4” and 2” Rail sections: $450
  • SOLD MR556 BCG New/Unfired: $800
  • SOLD HK 9” Quad Rail with Screw: $100
  • SOLD MR556 RAL7008 Buttstock: $100
  • SOLD MR556 Piston Piston Guide Bushing x2: $15/Each
  • SOLD MR556 Firing Pin x2: $40/Each
  • SOLD S&S Precision HK416 Cleaning Tool: $50
  • SOLD MR556 Receiver Locking Pins Set x2: $80/Each
  • SOLD MR556 RAL7008 Pistol Grip: $50
  • SOLD MR308 Drum Sight NEW: $100
  • SOLD MR Rear Drum and HK Front sight set: $150

The upper is all new parts except for receiver and charging handle which were low round count. All parts are HK except the barrel which is from Nefarious Arms.

The SMR is is used and has a few dings (see pictures).

The drum and front sight set is a takeoff and has some spots where the coating is gone (see pictures).

Wood Rectangle Font Auto part Hardwood

Wood Font Hardwood Wood stain Varnish

Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Rectangle Wood Font Art paint Plastic wrap


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Also the 9” quad rail for $100

edit, above poster beat me to it. I’ll stay in line for seconds
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