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All -
Looking to sell the following complete upper, as pictured. This is a brand-new, never-fired take-off from a CR556. The upper is marked "MR 556 A1" and marked with Columbus GA / HK proof stamps, date-coded BF (2015). Competition keymod rail and comp; complete MR bolt, buffer and spring. Will throw in a product brochure and any extra stickers and such I have laying around. As such, this is pretty much the exact components that comprise the MR556 Upper Kit.

Asking $1600 shipped and insured via USPS. Payment via money order, cashiers check, bank transfer, or Paypal (you cover fees). Due to the amount, Paypal gift is not an option.

Any questions on the above, please send me a PM. Thanks for looking.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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