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Both are brand new, German, and as shown. Prices include shipping in the CONUS. Payment by discrete Paypal, and NOT as a "gift", provided you have a Paypal Confirmed Address with no mention of anything firearms related.

Please do not PM me, email instead to [email protected] (remove NOSPAM).

MP5 10/40 FBI S/F trigger group $340 - this pack can be converted to other caliber with the appropriate ejector, hammer spring & housing

MP5 S/F housing, clipped & pinned by $80


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My question is not about the plastic housing. It is about the front of the metal box inside the housing. I know the housing needs to be clipped and pinned. What I don't know is whether the metal box is the Title 2 style or the trimmed back to fit a semi shelf TItle 1 style.

I can have the housing clipped and pinned but don't want to mess with converting the pack inside to fit a shelf. A picture of the side of the pack removed from the housing would answer the question.
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