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Selling a new German HK91 .308 rifle. It comes with one magazine, (original steel magazine) still wrapped in brown paper from HK. This rifle was purchased from FJ Vollmer several years ago as a 100% new rifle. I received it..never pulled back the charging handle. (As this is a later manufactured HK91, it has the rubber coated charging handle.) There are no marks on the bottom of the magazine well from magazine insertion. No marks on cocking tube..or from a claw mount. The only wear appears to be from the selector being moved. A very pristine specimen of the HK 91 Series rifle. Not many new ones still available..

3300.00 shipped/Insured. PP Friends/Family, or add 3%, USPS Money Order, Bank Check, Bank Wire..

Best to contact via email or text 9182100651
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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