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HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET

WTS:New Single Point HK Sling- Black:$ 29.95
HK sling | HK single point sling - HKPARTS.NET

HK single point bungee sling for use on all HK & other firearm applications. This super high quality sling is a must have for those that prefer operating with a single point sling over the more traditional 3 point HK sling.

HK Single Point Sling Features:

•Super thick all black heavy duty cordura nylon to withstand years of heavy use

•Bungee type design for posative retention and complete control and balance

•HK sling hook attachment point with elastic cover to prevent unclipping under stress

•Quick detach high use (no cheap hardware) buckles that allow quick transitions of the firearm and/or removal

•Super high quality through and through

•The best price for this type of quality found anywhere

HKParts | Heckler & Koch Genuine Parts - HKPARTS.NET
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