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I bought this last month, but just don't need it. It doesn't help that I just spent 3K on an Agency Arms NOC, so fun money is low and needs to be recouped.....and I kinda want a grey VP9 too, so yeah. This is up from grabs. :300000000:

It's brand new in box, never fired (besides factory test fire), and has been stored in its hard case since I got it last month.

Asking $1760 shipped to your dealer from mine. I'm not interested in trades, unfortunately.

Comes with box, papers, thread protector and two 12 round mags.

I have excellent feedback under the same name on

If you want more pics or higher resolution pics, PM me and I'll get right on it. Payment is accepted in the usual forms.

I also can't ship where not legal.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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