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WTS: One Stamp HTA 94S (MP5 SD)

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The whole enchilada. Heckler & Koch 94S (MP5-SD2). Serial number 3551. Caliber 9mm. H&K Model 94 semiautomatic rifle converted to full auto with permanently affixed integral suppressor by Hard Times Armory, Inc. in 1985. $39,100.00 on Form 4 in Wisconsin. Reasonable offers considered.

Single tax stamp gun.

Only one owner since the original purchase in 1985. Less than 1,000 rounds down the pipe.

  • Weapon/Suppressor combo
  • Claw scope mount
  • Loader/Unloader
  • Mag clamp
  • 6 30 round mags
  • 1 15 round mag
  • H&K sling
  • Original Model 94 Manual
  • Suppressor take-down tool
  • HTA unused butt cap (for K-like configuration) with original HTA label
  • HTA original sales brochure
  • HTA original display ad
  • HTA letter and price list for Custom Conversions & Suppressors for Class 03 dealers
  • HTA letter for Addition to Dealer Price List (11/84)
  • HTA's 07 doc expiring 2/86 (copy)
  • Copy of letter from the Dept. of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to Hard Times Armory (dated December 23, 1983) concerning their letter of December 6, 1983 along with the submission with a firearm for an examination to determine if this full automatic weapon, incorporating an integral suppressor, can be transferred with the payment of only one transfer tax. Signed Edward M. Owen, Jr., Chief, Firearms Technology Branch
  • Copy of letter from the Dept. of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to Hard Times Armory (dated September 4, 1984) regarding Hard Times Armory letter of December 1983 clarifying that a permanently affixed integral suppressed to a machine gun would submit it to only one transfer tax. Signed Gary Schaible, Chief, National Firearms Act Branch
  • Copies of several letters from satisfied customers expressing satisfaction of conversions of different weapons (HK, Uzi, etc.)
  • Original article from FIREPOWER magazine from January, 1985 titled “HK-94S The American MP5-SD” by Fred Black on the Hard Times Armory conversion

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Tactical bump.
Nearly 500 views... Anyone? Buehler?
HTA original butt cap with documentation added to package. Reasonable offers considered via PM.
Price reduced. See original ad post with new price.
Reasonable offers considered. I get to reserve the right to exclusively determine what is reasonable! Give it a shot!
Price reduced.
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