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WTS: P2000 .40 LEM TGS Trigger

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Sold: P2000 .40 LEM TGS Trigger

P2000 in .40 cal LEM with the Todd Green Special trigger. Two 12 round mags. 150 rounds fired, complete with case, manual, spent factory shell casing, grips, HK gun lock. Throwing in a Comp Tac CTAC holster and shipping (to FFL) in the lower 48. Holster is new, never used. Gun was never carried. No marks or dings as it is virtually new.
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Hi. I am actually interested and a real person. This is one of the 2 guns on my list I will buy in the next week. Other is a P30 v1. If you still have it, I'd be interested. I'm new this bbs, and don't see an email on your profile... no scam or bs...
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