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WTS: P2000 V3 9mm, Triji HDs

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Edit: PRICE DROP Cash price is $525 to me (after all shipping/transfer fees). Local NC deal with CHP holder preferred. Thanks!

I have a like new P2000 V3 in 9mm, 2016 date code, Trijicon HD sights with red/orange front (glow green) and a HK Match weight hammer spring and a USPc 45 magazine release. Comes with everything from the factory, 2 13-round mags (2 more also available depending on deal).

I have a V1 LEM 9mm P2000 that I love, I don't feel the need for the redundancy and I'd like to free up the "gun money" for other toys I've already spent it on.

Forgive me if I do not PM you back immediately. Thanks so much for looking.


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This pistol has been fired very little as you can see from the wear on the hood and barrel, and sat as a back-up to another P2000 V3 for a friend of mine until I got it recently.
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Any interest in trading for the identical gun in 40? It was a backup to my HD P2000 40 and was only shot at range to make sure it worked. Probably not even 50 rounds through it. It is set up with Light LEM but I keep the standard hammer springs in my HK's. It doesn't have night sights but I will include enough brand new HK 12 round mags with it to even the deal.

Thank you,

John P
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