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Hello, all. Cleaning out the safe with pistols that have been untouched for over 12 months. Prices include shipping; if your FFL requires shipment from another FFL, add $25.

First up, a P30 LEM in 9mm. Started life as a "heavy" (then standard) LEM, swapped the FPBS to the lighter version to get it to "TLG" configuration. Fired less than 2,000 rounds; carried as daily plain clothes pistol for about 2 months. Has Meprolight NS and three (3) 15-round magazines. Includes factory hard case and all grip inserts/backstraps. Please note - the sights were installed with a P500 sight pusher that put steel on steel, so there are bare metal circles on the sights. This led to some rusting during one particularly long, sweaty operation when the pistol was carried IWB, and the rust ran off the front sight and ate away some of the HE finish - detailed photos available and it looks worse in the photo than in person. $SPF

HK P2000 9mm LEM. Also started as "standard" (heavy) LEM, swapped the FPBS to light, added a HK45c magazine paddle and replaced the RSA when new to me. Bought used, no idea of previous round count, but was told first owner shot under 1,000 rounds. I've put approximately 5,000 rounds through it since then, and carried it daily as a plain clothes weapon for about 15 months. No factory box or extra backstraps. Includes Meprolight NS, four (4) 13 round magazines, one (1) 10 round magazine. $SPF

Always open to interesting trades - feel free to offer
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