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I have some left over holsters for sale.

P30- Cane & Derby Pardus AIWB holster. This is the older style that some folks prefer. $65.00 shipped CONUS

P30LS- CCC Shaggy AIWB holster. This thing is a work of art in kydex.....I'm just too fat for it to work right for me. These are hard to get and in high demand-$75.00 shipped CONUS.

P2000SK- High Noon Holsters "Down Under" IWB clip holster in HORSEHIDE. Very nice IWB and a great holster for everyday carry of the P2000SK.-$100.00 shipped CONUS.

All holsters are right hand and all set up for 1.5" belts. The P30 holsters are black kydex and the High Noon is tannish natural leather.
All are in excellent condition with very little use.

Trades-NEED a Bulman Cordovan mag pouch for a HK 9mm (P2000, USP9C, P30 size)............I will also buy one if somebody has one they are willing to part with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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