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Bought 2x Vector MP5k-40 kits from TB a while back. Never got around to building.

I am selling these as I got them. They claim to have all parts (except for a firing ping, which I am pretty sure IS included), but there are many small parts so I cannot guarantee. There are 2 of every bag of parts (except for rear sight base, which is welded onto one of the receivers already), 2 receivers, 2 forearms, 2 magazines, etc. I can take whatever other pictures are required of them.

I will say that the included magazines do not fit. Check with your builder or know what you are doing before purchasing!

Asking $700/ea, shipped. $1200/both.

Will ship via an FFL. They require an FFL on the receiving side as well. Will not ship to states that ban ownership.

89k40 by J M | Photobucket
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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