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WTS: SIG P226 9 & 22 suppressor host package -REDUCED

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Used SIG P226R E2, manuals, cases, tools, etc
EXCELLENT suppressor host. Range gun, never carried.
Short Reset Trigger - SRT
Bill Springfield Trigger Job
9MM slide, night sights, extended and threaded 13.5x1
Rear sight re-installed, see pic
7-15 round mags
Silencerco 13.5x1 piston

.22 slide, adjustable sights, extended and threaded 1/2x28
Heavy metal recoil spring rod
4-10 round mags, 2 have Sig-Power 15 round springs/HO followers,

$1100 shipped CONUS to your FFL, USPS MO or contact me before claiming, please.

If you are interested in just the .22 kit and .22 mags, $412 Shipped.

Cross posted. Please post 'I'll take it' and PM me. Time stamp wins.

No trades please. Thank you for looking.

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The included piston is for use with which SilencerCo suppressor?
I think they are standardized now. Was for octane/osprey when I got it. I think it is same for hybrid and omega9k but that should be verified.
Silencerco pistons are:

"compatible with the following suppressors:

Octane series
Osprey series
Omega K series"
I am going to knock this down to $1100, hkpro only.
Still available. Everybody wants the kit?? I get that. I should point out that the kit is unique in that it was extended and threaded 1/2x28 by Tornado. So, no adapter is needed. Extension is removable with supplied tool. Keep in mind the xtra .22 mags, etc. It's pretty sweet.

I have entertained offers for just the kit. I say its $412 shipped, to those interested.
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