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UPDATE: $2550.00 shipped CONUS.

Good Morning,

I want to sell a brand new SP5K that I've owned all of five days. I had the paddle release installed. I will sell it for $2550.00 shipped CONUS. It has the sling, 2 mags, sight tool, hard plastic case.

I prefer USPS money orders. A certified bank check will do as well, funds must clear then I'll ship.

The pistol must be shipped to your FFL from my FFL. All laws regarding capacity will be observed. If you want the pistol and are in a limited capacity state, I'll keep the mags and subtract $130, and you can go get the ten rounders on your own.

Changed the price to reflect a $65.00 drop.

Will stay up for sale until Sunday 10/16.
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Not open for further replies.